How Are We Different?

Some of our competitors make a lowball offer to purchase your home before even looking at it.  Then, once they finally come see it, they negotiate you down further based on repairs that they say need to be done.  Some of them do a Traditional Sale versus “Their” Sale comparison in a “smoke-and-mirrors” effort to make you believe that you will put close to the same amount of money in your pocket using their service compared with a Traditional Sale.  

However, what they don’t tell you is their comparison assumes that their lowball offer is the same amount that you would sell your home at in a Traditional Sale, which is often not true.  In some cases, you could sell your home at a much higher value in a Traditional Sale as compared to their lowball valuation, so their analysis is not fairly comparing “apples to apples”.

At Simply Sold Today, we don’t make you an offer before actually seeing your home. Instead, we immediately come look at your house at a time convenient for you, then we evaluate the reasonable repairs and upgrades that need to be made to sell your home for top dollar, and then we can make an educated, market-realistic offer to buy your home.  We will show you our analysis as to how Simply Sold Today can match, or get very close to matching, the amount of money you could reasonably expect to put in your pocket after a Traditional Sale, yet without all the hassle, time, and money investment it would take you to net that same amount of money.

That’s why we say, “Sell Your Home the Simple Way, with Simply Sold Today!”

As a demonstration only, consider the following scenario.  We had a client whose home needed significant repairs and upgrades in order to sell it Traditionally for top dollar.  Based upon our experience in the local real estate market, we estimated if he were to list his home Traditionally without making any repairs or upgrades, he would be able to sell it for approximately $120,000.00.  If he made $15,000.00 in repairs and upgrades, we estimated he would be able to sell it for approximately $140,000.00. This was our analysis of his potential “in-pocket” net recovery after all fees and expenses compared with our Simply Sold Today, hassle-free and time saving purchase offer:

Sell your home the simple way, with Simply Sold Today!

Simply Sold Today takes all of the stress and hassle out of selling your home.


No Repairs

Avoid costly and time-consuming repairs that come with a traditional home sale.


No House Preparation

Skip the pre-market phase and all of its stressful to-dos when you work with Simply Sold Today.


Pick Your Close Date

You tell us when you want to be out of the house, and Simply Sold Today will make it happen.

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